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You Will LOVE Making Soap!
2001 I became infatuated with soap making. I mean think about it.
You take our ready base add oils from plants & other goddies.
You throw in a little magic and...
WOW! You go home  with some soap you created yourself! You might have to pick up bigger pieces next day.

How amazing is that? And we aren’t talking about just any soap. No, we are talking about very special soaps.
This is the kind of stuff that you could NEVER buy in a store.
This is the kind of soap that makes people’s eyes light up when they smell it.
Once people find out that you make soap, they will beg you to make some more for them. I’m serious

We will guide you through this  course and teach you various techniques to create your own glycerine soap delights.
- you can create your own soap hearts, goddesses etc.
Let your imagination and creativity flow into this exiting project.

Your investment includes a Starter pack with 700-800 g of soap base & extras.
You can buy extra  packs, soap base or ingredients if you wish.
Reduction from 4 participating adults (automatic when booking 4)
Courses take place in Berlin Charlottenburg or UK (plus travel exspences).
in a small Group of up to 8 people. We can also offer a one to one course.
However you can arrange courses or demonstrations in other places with us.
Ideal for Parties, Birthday and your company events
Please bring a block, pencil & apron
By booking this course you agree to the soapmaking course conditions

For coursedates see www.venyoo.de under Seifenkurse

With booking this course you accept our conditions as found in our coursesection (Info).

If you have a problem with paying for this course kindly send us an email or phone us.

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1 - 1 of 3 results