Cleopatra Soap, big Buddha

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Cleopatra´s , big buddhahead ©Renas-Naturals™2002                     
0,5 x 4,5 x 3,8 cm

Every piece is  a lovingly & uniquely handmade original, individually made just for you with finest ingredients.
Soothe your mood and indulge your senses with this secret recipe from the legendary Queen of Egypt! Many women are still indulging themselves with milk & honey soaps. Like an instant facial on the whole body. Dive into the Bath or shower with that Milk & Honey delight like Cleopatra. A delicious blend of coconut & milk with wonderful moisturizing& nourishing properties making a superior, smooth, luxurious bar for dry or sensitive skin. Beautiful & luxurious with creamy goat milk. Goat milk gives a creamy buttery lather.  The nourishing Goatmilk is wonderful for soft skin. Rich emollients will be absorbed by your skin without damaging  your skin’s natural protection. Great for all skintypes. Rich emollients will be absorbed by your skin without damaging  your skin’s natural protection. Great for all skintypes. This soap has been supersaturated with a touch of New Zealand manuka +5 honey & scented with vanilla. Nice and creamy. This soap will leave your skin silky, fragrant and practically edible!
Cocoa butter and coconut oil may produce a reaction to people allergic to chocolate

For your security we list ever single ingredients we are aware of, even those we do not need to list by law due to low percentage.
INCI: Opaque SLS-Free soap base Aqua: Propylene glycol: Sodium stearate: Sodium laureth sulphate: Glycerine: Sucrose: Sodium cocoate: Sodium xylene sulphonate: Titanium dioxide: Stearic acid: Tetrasodium EDTA: Tetrasodium etidronate., cocoabutter (Theobroma cacao), beeswax (Cera Alba), goatmilk ( Milk amino acids), fragrances: FR.111.: (Acentanisole 1-5, (L) Benzyl Alcohol 25-50, Ethyl Maltol (Z0831) 1-5, (L) Eugenol Pure 1.5) Allergene: Benzyl Alcohol 36.00, Eugenol 3.00),  , FR19: Amyl Salicylate-N 5-25%, Benzyl Alcohol 5-25%, (L) Coumarin 5-25%, 1-Octanol 1-5%, Phenyl ethyl alcohol 1-5%) Allergens : Benzyl Alcohol 20.00%, Coumarin 8.500%) FR50: (L) Cinnamic Alcohol 5-25, (L) Cirtonellol 5-25, (L) Geraniol BJ 5-25, Melarome AB4119 1-5, Msuk Ketone 1-5, Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol 5-25) Allergens: Geraniol 14.3719%. Cironellol 14.0000 %, Cinnamic Aldehyde 11.2500 %, Hydroxymethyl Pentyl Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde (Lyral) 3.1719, Eugenol 0.1594, Methyl Ionone (Incl. Amis) 1.1156, Iso Eugenol 0.1063, Liliestralis 22 0.0531), illipe butter (Shorea stenoptera), almondoil (Prunus amygdalis Dulcus) or Black Cumnin oil (Nigella Sativa), coconutoil (Cocos Nucifera ),   Manuka+ Honey + 5 (Mel), marigold (Calendula officinalis), /d-Limonene ), mica

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