Baby Cocoabutter Viktorian Heart

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1 Cocoabutter Baby, organic Soap
Viktorian Heart approx. 7,5 x 6,8 x 3 cm, 85-100 g
Every soap piece is  a lovingly & uniquely handmade original, individually made just for you with finest ingredients.
A delicious blend of coconut & beeswax. Pure, beautiful & luxurious. Scented with calendula infused almond oil. Nice and creamy. Luxerious with delicious, creamy cocoabutter, with wonderful  skin nurturing properties, Ideal for stresses or dry skin Soft enough for a babies skin.
May produce a reaction to people allergic to chocolate.

INCI: For your security we list ever single ingredients we are aware of even those we do not need to list by law due to low percentage.

Crystal (NCO) Organic: Glycerin 25-50, Aqua 25-50, Sodium Palmate 10-25, Sorbitol 5-10, Sodium Cocoate 5-10, Decyl Gluoside 1-5, Sodium Chloride 1-5, Palm Acid 0.5-1, Coconut Acid 0.1.-0.5, PentasodoimPentetate -0.1, TetrasodiumEtidronate -0.1.), cocoabutter (theobroma cacao), coconutoil (Cocos Nucifera), beeswax (cera flavia), marigold (Calendula officinalis), sweet almondoil (Prunus Dulcis), Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

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