Coffee Haselnut, Soap Cup

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Coffee a la Crema (Haselnut) Soapcup ©Renas-Naturals™2003/4/9   
approx. 100-120 g

Every soap piece is  a lovingly & uniquely handmade original, individually made just for you with finest ingredients..

The ideal Soap if you love Coffee or the smell of Coffee. You will love it.. The soap is carrying a beautiful scent of hazelnut & is filled with organic coffee topped with cocoa butter “Crème”. The luxerious cocoabutter moisturizes your skin and is ideal for stressed and dry skin.
The Coffee is reducing odours smells and some of our customers love to treat their legs with our soap. The Arabic Coffee makes this an ideal gentle scrub soap and it is a natural exfoliant helping in removing dead skin cells. We use coconut oil for a smooth skin feeling. The alluring almond oil gives you a smooth skin feeling. The beeswax included makes the soap soft and protects your skin.

Do not use if you are allergic to cocoabutter or chocolate.

For your security we list ever single ingredients we are aware of, even those we do not neet to list by law due to low percentage.

INCI: Opaque SLS-Free soap base Aqua: Propylene glycol: Sodium stearate: Sodium laureth sulphate: Glycerine: Sucrose: Sodium cocoate: Sodium xylene sulphonate: Titanium dioxide: Stearic acid: Tetrasodium EDTA: Tetrasodium etidronate. ., Crystal Naturals Glycerine 25-50, Aqua 25-50, Sodium Stearate 10-25, Sodium Oleate 10-25, Sorbitol 5-10, Sodium Laurate 5-10, Sodium Myristate 5-10, Stearic Acid 0.5-1, Lauric Acid 0.5-1, Pentasodium Pentetate -0.1, Tertrasodium Etidronate.  -0.1., pH value determined at 70 degC 8.0 - 9.0, coffeebeans (Coffee arabica), Cocoa butter (Theobroma cacao), Cocos oil (Cocos Nucifera ), beeswax (cera flavia), coffee (Coffee arabica), fragrance FR47: (Orange Terpenes/D-Limonene 0.014400), Calendula (Calendula officinalis), almond Oil (Prunus amygdalis Dulcus), cardamom (Elettaria cardamom), vitamin e (Tocopherol), Isopropanol (Aqua,Propanol).

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