Creamy Brasil Nut, green Nymph

Creamy Brasil Nut, green Nymph

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1 Creamy Brasil Nut Soap, green Nymph ©Renas-Naturals™2002
Every piece is  a lovingly & uniquely handmade original, individually made just for you with finest ingredients.

Nice and creamy soap. We enhance this wonderfull soap with moisturizing makadamia nut oil. It’s a little miracle. Its absorbed into the skin quickly, is high in Omega 7 and makes the skin baby soft.
The enclosed sheabutter has vitamin A, carotin and allantoin with is great to great new cells and nurtures the skin:
Sheabutter helps your skin to became wonderfully soft.

A delicious blend of coconut & beeswax. Pure, beautiful & luxurious. Scented with calendula infused almond oil.
Coconutoil for a smooth skinfeeling and coconutsmell. Luxerious with yummy, creamy cocoabutter, gentle caring for your skin, great for stressed and dry skin. We enhanced the soap with macadamia nut oil, it’s a little wonder. It quickly enters your skin and the high amount of omega 7 makes your skin soft like a babies. The enclosed sheabutter includes vitamin e, carotin and allantoin and gentle cares for your skin. Its moisturizing qualities make your skin soft. The added beeswax protects your skin and makes the soap feeling soft.

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