Amber-Karotte-Myrrhe-Soap, Teardrop Crystal

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1 Amber-Carrot-Myrrhe Soapblock, Teardrop Crystal ©Renas-Naturals.TM2003
each approx. 10,2 x 6,4 x 2,5  cm, 95-105 g

Each of our designer-soap pieces is  a lovingly & uniquely handmade original, individually made just for you with finest ingredients.

This soap crystal  is. a mesmerising oriental soap.  This exquisite soap is topped with an infusion of carrot oil  & curkumna. We have blended it with  the warm musky seductive and evocative, authentic Indian amber resin. We have enhanced it further with gold & myrrhe.
Wonderfully warm, musky and sensual for lots of positive energies.


For your security we list ever single ingredients we are aware of even those we do not need to list by law due to low percentage.
Crystal clear soapbase: Glycerin 25-50%, Aqua 25-50%, Sodium Stearate 10-25%, Sodium Oleate 10-25%, Sorbito 5-10%, Sorbitol 5-10%, Sodium Laurate 5-10%,Sodium Myritate 5-10%, Sodium Chloride 1-5%, Stearic Acid 0,5-1%, Lauric Acid 0.1.-05%, Pentasodium Penetate -0.1%, Tetradodium Etodronate-0.1%), myrrhe (Commiphora Myrrha)  fragrance FR4: (Benzyl Benzoate 8.6000, Heyl Cinnamic Aldehyde (Hexyl Cinnamol) 6.7000, Coumarin 3.3000, Eugenol 3.3000, Benzyl Salicylate 0.99, Geraniol 0.8000, Linalool 0.4000, Citronellol 0.2000, Orange( CI 15985), Curcumna (Curcumna longa),  Mica Gold (Cloisonne® Super Gold 232Z Carrotoil (Glycerine soya, daucus carota, carotene), Amber (Prunus Amyggdales), Gold Mica (Cloisonne R Super Gold), Isopropanol, Goldleave.

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