Nougat Bathhoney

Nougat Bathhoney

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A pleasure for your skin, under the shower or in the bath.
The lady in the pictured enjoys the Nougat Bath-Honeycreme.

Create luxurious bath water to relax and renew like Cleopatra.
If your skin is really dry, especially in the winter, and you are looking for an emollient bath, try this wonderful product. Our customers claim that their skin gets soft as a babies skin.

Made with exquisite local Honey, gently softening your bath water for a wonderful luxurious bath.
You can also use it under the shower.
Just take a spoonful out and rub it on your skin. It will leave your skin soft.

Depending on your choice we have added organic lavender, rose or peppermint, chocolate, orange, wonderful fragrances or fine essential oil that makes a gentle exfoliation & relaxing designed to leave your skin cleansed and soothed. Stimulating & soothing.

Our bath honeys are created fresh with special care.
Our Bath Honeys contain only the freshest ingredient & are colored naturally.
We always use highest quality.

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