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Bath, Creme and Care
Mmmh deluxe treatment for your skin.
When your skin wants moisture our bathmelts are the greatest way for rough and stressed skin to help you relax. Pamper your skin with this Bodybutter & Bathoil in one.

In the evening the relax-factor in the bath is the deepest.
Take 1/4 Cake behind your back in your warm bath and relax and enjoy.
Moisturizing oils in form of 1 Mini Hearts or 1/4 Minicakes to cream your skin.
The included Argan Oil is a scentless oil for conditioning and softening the skin.
When you step out of your bath a gentle film of moisture will surround your skin.
Just carefully dip dry.
It's best to clean the bath afterwards straight away

You prefer to shower- no problem just rub on your wet skin when stepping out of the shower.
Naturally you can also use the bathmelts to simply creme your dry skin.
New line: Lavender & Rosmary to wake you up

Filled with Cocoabutter, Cocoanut Oil, Argan Oil, & dependeing on your choice Primavera Life essential Lavender or Peppermint Oil, Choccolate/Nougat, Rose- or Vanilla fragrance.
With added Lavender, Peppermint leave, Rose petals or Chocolate.

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